Bok Choy soup

This is an incredibly simple healthy soup. It has all the things you need to make you feel great and get rid of any colds and nasty germs. How ? do I hear you ask. It has the most important cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients, Turmeric and it’s twin super root… Ginger !

I don’t need to tell you how amazing they both are. Both have active ingredients that work wonders on your digestive system and both reduce inflammation of any kind. The antioxidant found in them both neutralise free radicals which are chemicals that can travel through the body and cause damage to healthy cells.  Google them and be amazed by their powerful healing properties. So I want you all to have them in your kitchen as of today !

Let me introduce you to Bok Choy. It is a chines cabbage which is high in vitamin A, C and K and it has high value antioxidant properties. See, another super food in this simple soup.

Back to the recipe !



3 Baby Bok choys

2 Teaspoons Turmeric

2 Teaspoons Ginger (freshly minced/grated)

3 Garlic cloves (sliced or freshly minced)

1 tablespoon Olive oil

1 Stock cube (vegetable or chicken)

5 cups of water (add more if desired)

Handful of Noodles (any kind of pasta will do)



Step 1. Wash the bok choy and trim the end. Cut as desired, length ways or across. Add them to the warm olive oil already in the pot. Cook until the white ends are translucent and tender. Careful you don’t over cook so 5 min will be enough.

Step2. Add the spices and garlic and mix well before adding stock cube and water. Leave to boil for 3 minutes.

Step3. Once boiling add the noddles (or pasta) and cook for 5 minutes, then add seasoning and serve !

Extra option: You can add a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice  or a teaspoon of fresh red chilli to give it an extra kick. Feel free to adjust the amounts of spices to your taste.



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