Fizzy yogurt drink (Doogh)

What is Doogh ? Well apart from a cold refreshing drink … It’s a very popular yogurt drink in Iran. The word is derived from Dooshidan; which means milking. Doogh is curdled milk drink watered down with mint and salt. It’s similar to the Turkish drink Ayran and the Indian drink Lassi.

Doogh is found in all Iranian restaurants and it’s mega simple to make  that you don’t have to go to an Iranian restaurant to drink it !  I find this drink refreshing in summer as it really quenches your thirst and after a heavy eating session of Kabab Kubidah and saffron rice at my local Iranian restaurants both in London and Paris!

Fizzy / carbonated water is used however you can you still water if you prefer. Fresh or dried mint leaves are used so you have the option. Also the thicker the natural yogurt you use the better I found. I tried Greek yogurt, Labnah yogurt and natural Activa yogurt. They all worked well.



2 cups of thick natural yogurt

4 cups cold fizzy water (or still)

1 teaspoon of salt (add more or less according to your taste)

1 table spoon of finly chopped mint leaves ; dry or fresh


Step 1. Combine the yogurt and water into a jug and whisk very well. If you find it too thick you can add more water.

Step 2. Add salt and mint and whisk once more.  Ready to serve.


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