Apple & Ginger juice

Winter is fast approaching in Paris and I am making sure I am eating plenty of the good stuff to keep sickness at bay.  You can’t have this mama falling ill, no way josay!  Things will tear at the seams. We need less chaos in our lives, more smiles and happy beings. Laughter and silliness please, with a hungry bites and lip licking treats.


I want my family and I to have a small boost of vaccination, from mother nature, the natural way. You can get this by eating the right vegetables, fruit and pulses. Increasing your intake in antioxidants and vitamins that are found naturally. Don’t just dish it out but also pour it out. Drink healthy ….water is the best but why not juice fruits and vegetables? So I went out and got myself a blender! I was close to buying a juicer but I thought maybe I will try the one my mother in law has and see if I like it.  Let me know your thoughts on blenders / juicers merci.

My first winter fighting drink is this delicious apple and ginger mix. I have had it many times in restaurants in juice bars in London. It has a great flavour and you feel it working as soon as your taste buds are tickled with the ginger flavour. You know its gonna do good to your insides. I was not sure of the measurements and what actually goes in so I experimented. I used small red apples, Royal Gala, because it was easily available, its sweet and my family like it. I am sure other types of apples will add different taste but they all have the good stuff, so go out there and choose your favourit. You know an apple a day keeps the doctor at bay ! What also keeps the doc at bay is ginger. This super root is a must add on to your daily food intake during the winter, no buts. I wanted to add a kick to the juice so I introduced one small lime. You can use lemon if you like.


This drink can also be served on ice during summer days too !



4 Royal Gala apples (small size) pealed, chopped and seeded

1 ginger root, size of a finger, pealed and cut

juice of 1 small lime

2 cups of water



Step 1- Add all ingredients to a blender and mix well

Step 2 – sieve the juice into glass or jug (You don’t have to if you like a bit of thickness)

Step 3- pour and enjoy





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