BIGlove Caffè

Love is all you need, right? Wong, BIG love is all you need… and I am talking about the food kind! I am beyond excited to share with you all a new Paris food gem.


Do you want authentic fresh, homemade dishes with ingredients directly from Italy? Do you want to drink rich tasting coffee? Do you crave that family welcoming service, set in a cosy, homely restaurant that gives you the feeling you are sitting in a traditional Italian country side kitchen, having a big food loving mamma looking after you by serving your belly and soul delicious food? Do you want all that? Well you can have it. Yes you can just head to 30 Rue Debelleyme in the 3rd arrondissement.


This Italian café is the third project of the Big Mama group ( They established their well known Ober Mamma and East Mamma with their famous pizza and Italian dishes. Now they have the cutest authentic Italian café in the heart of paris, BigLove Caffé serving you throughout the day !


I just want to say that I desperately want to take their cups and dishes and jugs with me. How can I not tell you about the most colourful beautiful table wear? They are so rustically Italian and beautiful and I bet made with love. Do you see a theme here, LOVE. The Big Mamma Group love their food and love serving it to you in the best way possible.  All the Italian workers, have a beaming smile and the cutest Italian French accent explaining each dish for you and what ingredients are in partcilur dishes etc…  OMG look at this late cup…. I want it …. you know what to get me for my birthday now.

What is nice is their drinks menu has drawings explaining what each drink is


Their menu is brunch all day along with pasta and pizza dishes. I came for breakfast but I can assure you I will come back for lunch here or at their other sister restaurants.


I had the most delicious pancakes with home made salted caramel, served in their signature beautiful dishes. My friend ordered the healthy option, granola with fruits. Both dishes were so yummy scrummy and very filling !


The decor of this beautiful place makes me smile and to all who love cooking. You feel like you are sitting inside an Italian grandmother larder. Unbelievable mix of food ingredients, jars, labeled plastic bags, boxes and tins of pulses, herbs, spices, pickles, rices and more!



I can’t recommend this friendly place enough. You will feel the big Italian love coming straight at you…. Ohh mamma mia  what a feeling!

Address: 30 Rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris

Hours: 9AM–6pm, 7–11pm

Métro: Filles du Calvaire & Saint Sébastien -Froissart

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