Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

No better time than now to drink hot chocolate, in all sizes and flavours. It not only makes you happy ( I read it has mood elevator !! something called theobromine) it also has health benefits  since cocoa aids lowering blood pressure and has antioxidant and milk has calcium.  Everyone is happy !

Instead of buying your hot chocolate expensively from cafe or ready made from the shop why not make it at home? You can add any flavour you like and its extremely easy to make.

I have decided to make cinnamon flavoured hot chocolate because it’s not only the festive season but it gives it a lovely flavour too.


Remember to use 100% cocoa, if that is not available you can break your favourite chocolate bar and whisk it into the milk pan. You can add other spices that you prefer or leave out the vanilla.

You can sprinkle more cinnamon ono, nutmeg, marshmallows, or add whipped cream and caramel on top. How about some sprinkles onto of the whipped cream? Honestly etc choices are endless. Make this delicious hot chocolate how it pleases you and enjoy every sip guilt free !!




1 glass of milk

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon  or 1 cinnamon stick

1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence

2 full tablespoons of cocoa powder



Step 1- In a pan heat the milk  till it simmers. Do not let it boil

Step 2- Add all the ingredients and whisk / stir

Step 3- Serve and drink hot



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