Festive Clementine juice

Here is the season to be jolly ….. and spicy !


This festive season why not spice your drinks up a bit? I do not drink alcohol so the traditional Christmas drinks are a no no for me. So why not infuse your fruit juices with Christmas spices.

What are Christmas spices? Well they are; cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, star anise, rosemary and ginger.

You can use all of them, one of them or a combination that you like. Infuse your favourite drink not only for a festive feel but they are delicious and nutritional too.

The best way is to warm the juice with the spices and then let the juice cool down. Remember to sieve the spices out.


I am using clementine because they are in season and are traditionally used over the Christmas period. I found that my juice is actually quiet powerful so I used it as a concentrate, I added water to it. You may combine this recipe of clementine juice to any kind of juice so you get a hint of the spice and not a powerful blow, a spicy fruit mix juice. Enjoy.



8 Clementines

1 stick cinnamon

6 cloves

pinch of ground cardamon

slice of ginger

1 table spoon of honey




Step 1- squeeze clementine juice into a pan

Step 2- add spices and heat on low heat

Step 3- add sugar or honey to sweeten, mix well and take off the heat once it starts to simmer.

Step 4- sieve the juice making sure spices do not go into glass.

Step 5- add water or other juice and serve cold.


Wishing you all happy festive season with lots of happiness. 


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