Coffee Spoune

Coffee Spoune 

One morning after the school run, I was walking to one of the cafés in the 11th Arrondissement when I noticed it was closed. Not deterred I walked further on knowing there was a newly opened one ahead. I am so glad I walked those extra steps. Why I hear you ask ? I tell you why. I was welcomed by a warm air of coffee and fresh out of the oven smell! Welcome to Coffee Spoune.  


Cosy is how I describe this place. Simple furnishing, clam music, catering for those who want to work by providing long tables and lots of electrical plugs and free wifi. Also, it caters for those would want a fluffy cushion and to warp their hands around their mug have a good gossip with their best friend. It is also kids friendly with small chairs and game boards to keep them occupied while you sip away your coffee.




Home made delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch is served. French local produce is used and seasonal vegetables and fruits are on their menu. Everything is cooked on site fresh for you. The staff are super friendly and are happy to explain the menu for you.   Their coffee is superb and they also have a section of teas and juices. Plenty of books and comics to read as well as exhibiting local art and photographs.


I sat with my ‘créam’ (coffee with milk) preparing from my French class, somehow this time French grammar didn’t feel so irritating to understand.




You can find their up to date info and photos on their FACEBOOK page.

Address: 36 rue Saint-Sébastien,  75011Paris, France

Métro: Sainte-Ambroise, Saint Sébastien-Froissart

Opening times: 08:00 – 18:00 Daily.  Brunch  weekend only  11:30 – 14:00

Instagram: Coffeespoune



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