DuPain – Boulanger Patissier

Walking down Boulevard Des Filles Du Calvaire in the 11th Arrondissement on a rainy morning I hear my tummy rumble. Oh no it detected a place to eat! I look up and across the street I see this beautiful boulangerie. Of course I cross the street and go inside. Sometimes you follow your belly not only your nose!


A smiley big blue eyed baker with a white hat greets me and explained what each bread patisserie and cake is. To my dismay all the croissants have finished! So I try this beautiful Financier with my coffee. This beautiful small almond rectangle of a cake with pistachios was just the thing my tummy called out for.


Due Pain is not only a bakery providing bread and sandwiches, it also sells cakes and pastry with fresh coffee and tea. Their flour is organic from a specific mill in south of France. All their ingredients are organic and sourced from France.

You also find that a selection of organic produce is on sale such as jams, teas and drinks. It also has a small seating area at the back where you can enjoy your purchases and lunchtime meal deals.




Address: 20 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire, 75003 Paris,  France

Opening hours: 07:00 – 20:00 Tuesday till Sunday

Métro: Saint-Sébastien –Froissart , Filles du Calvaire

www.dupain.fr and Facebook



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