Ginger & Turmeric Tea

This winter weather is really playing havoc with my health at the moment. Thank god I am constantly drinking this tea. Because without it I think I would be hospitalised by now!


Boiling these amazing healing anti-inflammatory medicinal super roots …. also know as ginger  & turmeric … is all you need to get you through this bitter cold winter we are experiencing in Paris. You know how I feel about these super roots and what health benefits they have so I will not bore you with more.

When you boil ginger and turmeric with some lemon juice then you add the powerful Mankua Honey  you will get your very own magical potion …ppooooffff  (purple and yellow sparkly dust cloud … ) the one your immune system is calling out for. I advice you all to be your body’s own medicinal alchemist ( pointy hat is optional) and cook yourself the most powerful natural potions aaahhhhh I mean teas and drinks; that mother nature has provided for you. Resist the painkillers and give your body a natural healing helping hand, yes it might take a day or two, but that is the natural genital way for your body to fix itself. In today’s fast… go go …. now now demanding world we have forgotten that we need time to heal and slow down to allow our body to rebuild and repair.  So take time and let your body heal. If you are under pressure and can not afford this then consume natural medical food, healthy meals and drinks, take regular breaks and breath! Look after your unique body it is a universe of pure wonder.



Ginger root –  4/5 slices

Turmeric root – small 3 slices

1 tablespoon of fresh lemon – or according to taste

1 teaspoon of Manuka honey – or any other honey. Add more to taste



Step 1- Slice the roots and place in a small pan, add water and leave to boil.

Step 2- Squeeze half a lemon to the pan and stir well.

Step 3- In a cup add the honey and add the boiling drink.

** You can adjust the ingredients to your taste. You can make a large amount and drink the tea cold or hot. You can store the drink for a day or two.




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