Indian Prawn Curry

I am going to share a very simple curry recipe with you today. It is so simple and verstile that you can hop contenants in one meal !

Okay so you may say that I am cheating, but I am actually being resourceful and doing much needed time managing ! I am using ready made curry paste. It is so simple and delicious why not use it ? The wonderful thing about curry paste is that you can 1- choose the kind of paste (Thai or  Indian, red or green) 2-you choose the intensity of flavour (by adding more or less of the paste)  3- Paste can be stored in the fridge and re used many times giving you many curry dishes.

Remember you can adjust the vegetables or meat (if using) to suit your  taste too.

This recipe I will be using prawns and Indian paste.



1 tablespoon sunflower oil

1 white onion

1 teaspoon fresh root ginger

1-2 teaspoon of curry paste (you can use Indian or Thai)

200 ml coconut cream

200 ml coconut milk

packet of raw frozen prawns or fresh !

few baby corms

coriander to garnish  (optional)


Step 1-Heat the oil in a medium pot and add in the chopped (cubed) onion and ginger till soften.

Step 2- Add the prawns and baby sweetcorn stir well for 1 minute

Step 3-Stir in the curry paste, then cook for 1 min more.

Step 4- Pour the coconut cream and milk and mix well. Leave to boil on a medium heat.

Step 5- simmer for 5 minutes then add chopped coriander on top.

Serve with white rice.

If mixture is too think you can add water to reduce thickness.


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