Salads are not just green leaves and boring dressing. They can be colourful, nutty, cheesy, sour, sweet hot and cold. Today I will tell you how to make it CRUNCHY !



Fatoosh is a traditional salad dish from the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Palestine) . It has the basic salad ingredients of the region but with fried flat white bread. This adds crunch and texture to your salad. It’s basically croutons but Arab version !

Main ingredients for this salad is flat bread ( Lebanese or Greek Pita), romaine lettuce, parsley, tomato and cucumber. Which is your basic middle eastern salad (apart from the bread!). You can add red radish, spring onion ,  red onions like I did  or not , try mint leaves too.

What makes Fatoosh Fatoosh is the fried (or baked) bread and sumac. And even though this salad screams SUMMER it can be eaten all year round.



One romaine lettuce

Cucumber, chopped into cubes

Tomato, choppe into cubes

Parsley, chopped

Half red onion, chopped thin cubes

1 spring onion, chopped

Few red radish, chopped

2 table soon olive oil

Half lemon


1 tablespoon Sumac



Step 1-Cut the lettuce finally length ways, cut all other ingredients and mix well.

Step 2- Cut the bread into small bite size pieces and lightly shallow fry in a pan with olive oil.

Step 3- Once bread is slightly cooled add to the salad mix.

Sep 4- Add Olive oil, seasoning and sumac and toss the sale well.


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