Indian Shish Kabab

This is a get your hand messy kind of fun cooking. So get young adults to join you in the kitchen and let them see how kneading mince meat with few spices make a wonderful meal.


I love using mince meat, it can be transformed be adding different spices and herbs, served by itself or with other dishes / ingredients. So when I have little time to plan what to cook I open my freezer and get the mince meat out and make.. Kabab.  An Iraqi stable meal that can be eaten anytime of the day and year, yes you can have it at for breakfast too… although I only did it a few times in my life!

I have decided to add Indian spices hence it’s more of an Indian flavoured meat and not your traditional Iraqi kabab.  The spices I am using are..curry powder and turmeric. I would use hotter spices but my monkey .. ahhhh I mean children will not eat it. So if you like a bit more heat you can add chilly powder, or chilly flakes, paprika is always good too.

When using mince meat make sure that it contains fat. You can use any type of meat or as my mother in law does, she mixes both lamb and beef together.  I am using only 1/4 kg  to make a small batch of kabab, of course you can use more and just increase the other ingredients by a little. If you don’t like parsley you do not have to add it in.



1/4 kg mince meat with fat

1 white onion

small bunch of flat leave parsley


2 teaspoon curry powder

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

2 garlic cloves


Step 1- In a large bowl, add all the ingredients together. Crush the garlic and grate the white onion to the mix of meat and spices and finally chopped parsley.

Step 2-  Mix and using your hand kneading the mixture very throughly.

Step 3- On a tray start placing your kababs that you shaped into long sausages. You can brush them with oil if you see them too dry.

Step 4- Place in the oven on 180C for 20 min,do not over cook they will become dry.

Serve with rice, salad or flat bread.

I serve it with natural yogurt and Lebanese flat bread.





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