Umami Matcha Cafe

Behind Place de la République, where the grand bronze statue of Marianne stands (She is the representation of The French Republic, holding an olive branch on one hand and hold a tablet of human rights in another – something I found ironic since I don’t believe my human rights as a practising muslim is or will ever be given in France. But that’s  another story and lets not get into politics… it’s all about the food here right ?).   At the base of the statute you see a large bronze lion is guarding her.


Behind this square you will find a very unique café. A Japanese café with a twist……………. A Matcha Cafe!

What is Matcha? Well it is powdered green tea. But it is grown and processed very differently from normal green tea. It is grown in the shade and that allows it to have a higher concentration of Thiamine and Caffeine. This is why people who drink it might feel a calming effect I am told! It also gives its distinct green colour. Matcha tea is prepared differently than normal tea, since it is powder form, it is dissolved and whisked into milk typically or water.

Umami Matcha Café is a large café that searves ALL beverages and snacks with Matcha. They have really unique food menu too, which I am excited to try next time. You will find a food corner in the café where they sell speciality food from Japan.

Of course I HAD to try the Matcha Latte and a Matcha cookie …


I am not gonna lie to you, it tasted strange. But after the 4th sip it got better, it must be those antioxidants in the Matcha! The first sip tasted like I was drinking sweetened seaweed ! It was not as bitter as I expected but then I enjoyed it.

The cookie was just amazingly crunchy on the outside and smooth inside, just perfect and delicious with white and milk chocolate.

The staff are super nice and make you feel welcome. The experience was good and I really want to try their food menu next. So watch this space.

Address: 22 rue Béranger 75003 Paris

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 09:00 – 19:00 Weekend 10:00 – 19:00

Metro: République , Instagram , Facebook   (UmamiMatchaCafe)

I was surprised to see water bottles with black sticks in them. When I asked what they are , I was told they are special branch charcoal that absurd impurities like chlorine from the water ! How clever and Japanesy !




  1. How very cool! We love Matcha everything and next time we are in Paris we have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.


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