Mushroom soup

We are not out of the cold weather just yet ! I am still cooking soup and eating them with a fresh crispy baguette … one of the joys of a Parisian life !



Today let me show you how to cook this easy mushroom soup that my sister in law taught me.  I slightly adapted it and added 3 kinds of mushrooms. If you are a mushroom lover then you can go completely crazy with whatever kind you prefer and you can mix a few.


I am using three kinds of mushrooms, Brown button , Oyster and Cremini (portobello). I used box of fresh section that was available. You can used tined or dried if you prefer. Increase amount of mushroom for more intense flavour.


The taste is just creamy deliciousness with a hint of nutty earthiness ! It really made my taste buds jump with delight and my belly very happy ! So how did I make it creamy ? I didn’t use cream… but a kind of béchamel sauce!  You make a roux first then add a little milk and stock. Voila. In order to release the full flavour of the mushrooms you must lightly fry them in a bit of butter first.

Are you ready to try this new kind of soup? lets begin

Please note that you must keep tasting as you cook and adopt things to YOUR liking. With ALL MY recipes on this blog  keep changing the amount as YOU see fit. As I have said before I don’t really measure my ingredients, I just use eye judgment and keep tasting and adding !


2 cups  Mushrooms  – amount and type is entirely up to YOU (now there is a challenge!)

50g butter

2 table spoons of flour

1/2 cup milk

1 stock cube (I used vegtarian)



Step 1- Cut the mushrooms and fry in a nob of butter for 5 min then set aside.

Step 2- In a pan add around 35g of butter and then flour. WHISK fast and without stopping till you get a roux consistency. Then add the milk and whisk some more, then add stock cube and boiling water.

Step 3-Keep whisking to prevent any lumps of flour from appearing. Add enough water to your liking.

Step 4-Add the fried mushrooms and leave to cook for 20 to 30 minutes on a medium heat. After with a soup blender, blend till smooth. Serve hot.


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