Republique of Coffee

I discovered this beautiful café by chance on a cold afternoon. I was heading home after my French conversation class and decided to walk to République and catch the metro from there. As I was walking I noticed a rather attractive modern café with a bicycle in front of it…. NOTE: this is a clear sign that this place is a must go; cool decorative bicycles outside a shop means trendy, hip, arty place…   after checking I have enough time I went in and I was blown away by the friendly French/English service, the space and the food.

It is perfectly located outside République metro station. It serves a variety of coffee along with baked breads, cookies and cakes. It also serves breakfast, brunch and lunch. They also make fresh juices and smoothies for you, you can eat in or take away. Their food menu is healthy home made on site delicious food.




Now there is one slight problem …. What is the name of this lovely café? Grain Coffee Shop or République of Coffee ? Outside the sign says the former but inside it says the latter. The wifi and google location says the latter ? Confused.  Once I got homed I found that web search confused me more and so I contacted the café and their new name with new neon sign is…… République of Coffee.


Whatever the name is, the most important thing is that it’s a good place to go and eat or having a good cup of coffee. A wide selection of salads and sandwiches and vegetarian option for me!  I had a California salad that included delicious salmon and amazing colourful salad.



Address: 2 boulevard Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 19:00 weekend 10:00 – 18:00

Metro: République

République of Coffee Instagram & Facebook





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