Potato Gratin

This is a classic French side dish that I have had a few times but never thought of making it until now. I just have lots of potato (I always have a sac full of potatoes in my kitchen) and wanted a new way of cooking those spuds.



Potato Gratin somehow appeared in my mind. I realised who darn easy it was to make and I thought I should share it with you lovely readers.



3 Large white potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

handful of  Gruyere cheese, grated (optional)

1/2  cup  double cream


3 Garlic cloves

Nob of butter


Step 1- Peel and slice the potato. Place in a bowl and add seasoning and grated garlic.

Step 2- In an oven proof dish, spread some butter and line the potatoes. Making sure no gaps appear and they are firmly pressed down. Make a few layers.

Step 3- Add double cream and gently spread till the potatoes are almost covered.

Step 4- Add some grated cheese and place in a pre headed oven  150C till the potato are crispy golden on top.


The potato should be cooked since they are sliced thinly. If not put back in the oven and let it cook on low temperature.

Adding cheese on top is optional by the way !



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