Eggs & Co

My favourite place to have breakfast / Brunch in Paris no doubt about it.


This is the most warm welcoming place I have been to for breakfast. You can really feel their passion for serving good eggs here.

The way the restaurant is decorated from egg shaped slat and paper shakes, to egg shaped light and the cutest chicken coup you really do feel like you are in a vintage French farm somewhere having fresh eggs that a hen just laid that morning. All their eggs are organic fresh from local farm and so are their ingredients. Probably the eggs taste to nice. Also can I just say their coffee is superb. Really smooth and tasty.


The Staff and cook are super friendly and speak English. They explain the menu for you and make suggestion to cater your need. The restaurant is family friendly and is always busying with people, on weekends expect a long line waiting outside.


Their portions are big and delicious. Once I plan to come here I usually come on a totally empty stomach, as I know there will be room to fill it with goodness.

They have few set means and large brunch menu that includes pancakes!

Address: 11 Rue Bernard Palissy , 75006 Paris

Opening hours : Daily  10.00 till 18.00

Metro: Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Saint-Sulpice & Mabillon

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I recommend this place as my number one breakfast / brunch in Paris without a shadow of a doubt.  Go check it out.


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