Chicken Fajita & Guacamole dip

Who doesn’t like this Mexican sandwich ? You must be crazy if you don’t. My kids love it and they are fussy eaters ! What makes it fun for them is making the sandwich yourself. My kids love choosing what THEY choose to fill their corn bread with.  Chicken is also their favourite meat, so this meal is their ‘treat’ meal or when we want to celebrate something like it’s the weekend, then I make this for them.

This is so simple that I don’t know why I am blogging it, as I am sure you all have done it before.  You can buy a ready prepared Mexican pack with all the instructions, spices and bread etc  like I do sometimes, or you can make it yourself by using Lebanese flat bread if you can’t find corn bread and using your own spices, with smoked paprika spice as a base, which is what I do sometimes as the monkeys (my little boys) do not like their chicken too spicy.


For the chicken fajita you need bread, salad and chicken.

For the salad, you can use whatever you like just cut it into strips. I prefer to mix colour, so different coloured bell peppers, cucumber, red onions. Mixing crunchy and soft textures like carrots and avocado.  So be creative and have fun.


1 chicken breast


1 teaspoon paprika

1  teaspoon cumin

Alternatively you can use ready mixed Mexican spices or Fajita spices.

2 large tablespoons of tomato paste

1 small onion

Salad: strips of  any lettuce , cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes etc



Step 1- cut the chicken into strips and fry in an oiled pan, add the onions, seasoning and spices. Mix well until the chicken is cooked, then add the tomato paste and a little bit of water.  Once all cooked and mixed well, serve on a plate.

Step 2- Cut the salad ingredients into strips and place on a plate.

Step 3- Heat the corn bread, or flat bread slightly

Step 4-Place warm bread on plate, add the chicken and desired salad. Roll the bread and enjoy !



Guacamole dip



2 ripe avocados

1/2 red onion

1 large tomato




Olive oil



Step 1- Cut the avocado in half and take the stone out, with a spoon take the flesh out into a small bowl. Mash the avocado with a fork.

Step 2- Chop some parsley, read onions and tomato. Add to the bowl and mix well

Step 3- Drizzle olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and seasoning.

serve with nachos







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