Grilled Halloumi Cheese & Zataar

Summer dishes are slowly being cooked and prepared … Paris is glorious in the sun and on hot days who wants to stay in a hot kitchen for long ? Not me.  A tasty 10 minute dish that can be eaten as a main salad or side dish. It’s great for a quick breakfast or snack.  Summer is around the corner and it’s great for eating outdoors / picnics.  Let me introduce you to my grilled Halloumi & Zataar salad.


I am using ready prepared mixed salad. You can use any leafy salad you prefer. Tomatoes and cucumbers go great with cheese and if you want add olives too.

The star in this dish is halloumi cheese. A Middle Eastern cheese that is a mix of goat and sheep milk (sometimes cow) . It is salty and can be grilled without melting. It is usually eaten for breakfast in the Middle East.

Zataar, a delicious herbal mix of sesame seeds, sumac, thyme and mixture of Middle Eastern herbs. I have written about this beautiful herb before , have a look in my blog, type zataar in the search section.



1 pack of Halloumi

1 table spoon of Zataar

splash of olive oil

1 cucumber

few tomatoes

ready prepared salad



Step 1- Prepare the salad in a bowl. Cutting enough tomatoes, cucumber and any salad ingredient you prefer.

Step 2- Cut the halloumi and fry on hot pan (no oil).  Remove once grilled on both sides.

Step 3- Place cheese on top of the salad, sprinkle zataar and olive oil.

Bon appétit 

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