Boneshaker Doughnuts


“mmmmmmm doughnuts” is what me and Hommer Simpson have in common ! Not only do we love to eat them but would be regulars at this magical sweet roll shop. In fact I sort of am a regular at Boneshaker. So much so we became friends, even brought my eldest son to trickle treat and for Lou to read him his ‘Doughnut book’ !

It’s not difficult to become friend with the adorable Amanda and Lou, the American/Irish expats who gave Paris the true original doughnut ! Tasting these absolutely delicious Boneshaker doughnuts will make you lick your fingers and ask for more!  Seriously they are darn good. All loveling made with the best organic French produce.  Seasonal ingredients are used so you always get a seriously tingly dance on your taste bud every time you try a different flavour. Roasted peach and basil is fantastic one to try.


True story; since moving to paris I couldn’t find ‘the right doughnut’ or in fact anything that resembled the taste of a doughnut.  I couldn’t believe that in the land of patisserie I couldn’t get a decent glazed sweet roll. So I would patiently wait till I go visit London and head over to Krispy Kreams and buy their biggest box of mixed doughnuts. It became a ritual and my sister would get them ready for me as soon as I arrive!  Soon I started to see on Instagram pages of certain cafes I follow, that they are serving doughnuts. My mouth started to water as I saw the glistening glazed round beauties. I noticed unusual flavours and the peculiar name of Boneshaker.

So I went to one of the cafes and tried a doughnut, thinking no way could this be anything like Krispy Kreams. They didn’t taste the same. I took a bite and I was hit with the most sweet fluffy soft flavour ever that it knocked me down in my seat! I was completely utterly wrong… this is BETTER than Krispy Kreams.

So when I found out that Boneshaker have set up their own shop I decided to go and say hi to them and eat their sweet rolls. I have been a regular since then and will continue to be. They celebrate their one year of opening TODAY ! Go and say happy birthday and get yourself a doughnut.

Boneshaker serve THE BEST doughnuts in Paris  (FACT) . They also serve coffee and freshly made juice. Last summer they surprised me buy making my watermelon drink to serve in their shop and it went down so well that they are doing it all over again this summer. Just go in and ask for Wafa’s watermelon juice.

To make this delicious summer juice scrolls to earlier post or type in search bar Watermelon drink. It is a very simple yet delicious summer drink that quenches the thirst and gives you a smile.


Address: 77 Rue D’Aboukir 75002 Paris

Metro: Sentire , Strasbourg- Saint Denis , Bonne Nouvelle

Opening times: Closed Monday and Sunday.  Tuesday to Friday 10 am till 6 pm

Instagram & Facebook

+33 (0) 145088402


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