Creamy Tagliatelle Chicken & Broccoli; Easy Recipe

Pasta …. everyone loves it and everyone eats it, including my two boys.  Pasta is such a versatile ingredient and so simple to cook.  It’s healthy and delicious.  It is my first go to ingredient when I can’t decide what to cook or  when I am in a hurry. Which is often.

One of my favourite recipe is creamy chicken pasta. It is pure comfort eating for me. And I love adding crunchy vegetables to it, mainly broccoli , sometimes I add mushrooms or olives, depends what is in the fridge.  But I must admit that broccoli is our number one vegetable, yes my boys eat it too and I am super happy that they do…. I just don’t tell anyone this fact,  as they might think I am lying or that my children are a bit strange !



Broccoli is full of vitamins and antioxidants and helps your gut ! So I try to introduce it as often as I can in salads and soups or as a side dish. I even roast it slightly when I do my Sunday roast chicken with roast potatoes mmmm yummy ! The key is to cook it enough but keep it crunchy, so I just boil it for 4 minutes. Ideally you should steam it to get its full nutritional value.

I am using Tagliatelle pasta as I think it goes really well, I love the ribbon pasta curling around the chicken. Of course you can use any kind of egg pasta for this recipe.

Are you ready to cook some creamy heavenly pasta ?..Yes … read on ….



Tagliatelle pasta

1 chicken breast

1 Fresh broccoli

1 Onion


1 table spoon of olive oil

25g or less of butter

50ml  / 1 carton of full fat cream.



Step 1- Boil pasta as instructed on the packet. Drain and let it cool.

Step 2- Boil fresh broccoli florets that you have cut up for 4 min, drain and let it cool.

Step 3- Dice the onion and chicken breast, fry them both in a hot pan with a spoonful of olive oil and and some butter. Cook until the chicken is done.

Step 4- Add the cream to the pan and mix well then place the cooled pasta into the pan and mix gently.

Step 5- Once pasta is fully covered in the causes add the broccoli.  Season well and serve hot.

Buon appetito !!



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