Easy Halloween Kids Recipe, Kufta Mummies.


Halloween is here ! Time to scare the little ones and trick and treat them … mainly lots of treats! And it doesn’t have to be high in sugar. There is a lot you can do that is fun and healthy, like these Kufta mummies I did and spooky banana & clementines.

I will tell you how to make them below and then tell you how I did my first halloween party in Paris !

Spooky Banans & clementines

With a black maker draw on the skin a spooky face. And serve !!! How simple yet effective



Kufta Mummies



50g mince meat

1 egg

3 tablespoons of shredded parmesan , you can use cheddar

1 table spoon of mixed 7 spices


1 ready made short crust pastry

Black olives and cocktails for decoration.


Step 1- In bowl, place the mince meat with spices, cheese egg and seasoning. Using your hands mix really well.  Then chill in the fridge for 1 hour.

Step 2- Once chilled take the mixture out of the fridge and make the mixture into medium to large size balls.

Step 3- In a hot slightly oiled pan fry the meat balls and set aside to cool.

Step 4- Take out ready rolled pasty , I am using short crust, cut into strips.

Step 5- Take each cooled meat ball and wraps the strip of pastry around it and place in a baking try. Bake till pastry is golden brown.

Step 6- Decorate with olive as eyes and serve.


My eldest son begged me for a Halloween party this year. Last year my little sister and I organised one for the boys (my sons and nephews) in London. We had so much fun dressing up, playing games, telling scary stories and eating themed cakes and sweets. My parent’s door bell constantly rang by trick or treaters. Mum as ever prepared with her bag of sweets and chocolates, opens the door and pretends to be frightened by the little children wearing home made costumes as their parents stood by them. This long tradition I witness in my household has been going as far as I can remember and kind of missed it when I moved to Paris.  France doesn’t really ‘celebrate’ Halloween, and since it falls in the school break it’s not really taught in schools and supermarkets don’t really stock on halloween themed things and pumpkins to carve. However this is slowly changing.


Last year’s halloween made a lasting impression on my boy so no wonder he was begging for oner this year. I actually found few shops that stocked for Halloween. Delighted I prepared franticly for the party that is to take place in 4 days time!  I made my own to Halloween party games, in which you throw balls into the mouth of a pumpkin and the second is throwing a ball on the spooky staked ghosts (see photo).

It’s so easy to make that am sure you can do them at home in no time.  I made some decorations of my own and got dressed up as a witch and my husband with a bloody apron, one son was a pumpkin the other just himself a monster ! Food ready and Michael Jackson thriller song on …..My first halloween party in Paris (and everyone who attended) when frightening well…. it was a soooooooooccess  !





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