Reflecting & Tea !

January is a month of reviews, reflection and setting goals right ? I believe that you can do this at any day at any moment, you do not need to wait for a new year to make a resolution. When you are ready and feel the need to change you change. Sometimes change is forced upon you and other times you need to force change. Whatever form and how it comes we know change is inevitable.

I have been away from my blog for few months now and I apologize for the unforeseen absence. The idea of quitting lingered for weeks as I thought no one would miss the blog if it just died ! And that I am not contributing anything really to you the readers and followers. I didn’t think my blog mattered and devalued it. I told myself that a break from blogging would be good. A test to see if I do want to go back to it. There is no point continuing something half heartily or when you think you are forced to. That’s a general rule in life right?

I lost the passion for blogging. To be honest I didn’t know if it will come back. So how do you allow faded passion to return once more? I stopped thinking about it and got busy with other things.

Since my last blog I continued cooking and experimenting with food. I visited more cafes and restaurants and enjoyed adding kilos of fat ! I undid a few things and started new projects. I binge on Netflix and even managed to go on a date with my husband (which is unheard off!) it ended up with me having food poisoning! Being a mum of two boys kept my busy and so did my Art class and French language course. I drank plant of tea and reflected a lot.


Christmas was spent in Paris and New Year in London with my family. It was the best weekend I have spent in a very long time. Short but extremely joyful with lots of F ; family, friends, food and fun ! I felt rejuvenated and blessed and ready to start 2018 standing tall with a big smile and a heart full of love and courage ready for change and more cups of tea.


And then slowly it crept on me. The feeling of I want to blog again …. this time I felt different… I wanted my blog expand beyond quick easy recipe I do.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to add to the blog, I knew I wanted to type. After a meaningful conversation with a friend and her mother I got told to do what I am passionate about, not to box my creativity to what ‘should be’ or how others would want it. I hesitate.  Then, I realised I love words and I love sharing them.  I don’t consider myself to be a writer but maybe a storyteller! When I review a cafe I don’t just tell you the address and say has good coffee. I want to tell you a story about this particular cafe or how I discovered it or even the reason as to why they hang a particular object (Surf-board in O Coffeeshop !). Something that will attract you read and immerse you into a small story. I want to give you a feeling after reading something of mine ! That is my creative passion. I guess that is why I love to paint and drew too.

And so you may start to notice that I will add blog posts that slightly divers from my usual easy cooking recipes, it may include anything that I feel worth sharing with you all. It will not be a complete change and I will continue to share my favourite dishes and cafes in Paris. I hope you will like a more divers Cups and Dish blog and enjoy reading my posts new and old, on cooking and reviews.

Now, lets put the kettle on and enjoy some tea .




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