Marvellous Monday

Cries of joy and relief are being heard across Paris this morning. Reports are coming in of large number of parents smiling and an air of festivity is being felt. Older generations and tourist are bemused by this sudden reaction, some suggested that the quick change in temperature from a -4C snowy days to a chilly yet sunny  6C morning. Others argue meteoritical and astrophysical effects of entering into the first week of March. What could have brought Paris into a happy fever pitch on a Monday morning ? The answer is, ‘la rentrée’ of the winter school vacation.


Yes yes yes , kids go back to school TODAY after a mammoth two week holiday! I can’t tell you the joy I am feeling. The excitement I felt from the weekend preparing school bags, clothes, homework and school project, to making sure I have enough flavoured milk for the boys for their breakfast (Hussein Vanilla, Zayn chocolate!).

And it all reached the pinnacle of relief when I dropped the little monkey to his classroom.  My husband dropped the eldest to Primary school. I was smiling and happily greeting “bonjour” to other parents and teachers with high pitch voice of excitement. I greeted one parent / friend across the road and she like me had the biggest smile and we both punched the air with our first and cried back to school ! Another parent I bumped into said to me with a smile “Freedom. What a beautiful word and we really need some”.  That summed it up my friends.


Motherhood is one of the toughest endurance test you will ever go through. Yes the hardest, unpaid, unrecognised job in the world. And darn it we do such a fabulous good job at it, that we truly know our worth is far greater than any pay check ! Although if anyone is offering me money I am happy to accept !

So as we drop our little darlings back to school and we get a moment rest and a moment of adult time do not envy us or think we are over reacting. All mothers, working or non, part-timers and stay at home, those who are studying or working on bettering their lives. We collectively are ALL in the same battle, one that takes every ounce of strength and courage to build a healthy, happy home for our children and bring them up as decent bright human beings in which they will contribute to a better, more equal and a more understand future that will be so glorious and magnificent.


For all the mothers out there I say, you are doing a truly good job and it may seem back breaking, depressing and the pressure seems endless. Remember you are a divine beings that created and sustained your children, your a superwoman a great example of  what love is, the attributes of love is within you. Mother-love is the most powerful force on earth and we love you. You deserve a break. So go out there today and give yourself that Tender Love and Care (TLC) that you desperately need.  Be it coffee, painting your toe nails, a ten minute walk or just some Netflix bing !  Have fun

As pour moi ? I am off to my art class that will start in 30 minutes.  And I think I will start missing my boys in few hours, but not just yet !


Footnote: Mothers include all femals who look after children and bring them up, you don’t have to be blood related.



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