Rosemary & Lemon roast chicken recipe

I got to admit that this is the easiest roast chicken recipe there is on the plant. FACT.  You just need FIVE simple ingredients  to make a mouthwatering crispy zesty meal that the whole family will enjoy. IMG_3729

Roast chicken is a stable and a favourite in my household and am sure in every household. I don’t think it should be cooked only on a Sunday and not only cooked whole!

I find it so much easier to cut the chicken into two and roast or I buy particular part of the chicken that are the favourite pieces and roast them. Breast or thighs ? Is usually the question when carving a chicken and inevitably there will be a fight over it !

My boys naturally love the legs so they can hold it and munch on, my husband is a thigh person and I don’t have a favourite  as long as the skin is crispy and the meat is tender.


I found that making a few slits into the chicken helps with cooking and allowing the marinade and seasoning to enter the meat and flavour it. This way the lemon and rosemary and garlic really gets into the chicken and not only on the skin (if you are keeping the skin on). The slits also allow the meat to cook quicker.

If you are cooking a whole chicken I would recommend you stuff the inside with lemon and marinade the inside and well as the outside. You do not have to tie the chicken together when roasting. But do place the chicken breast down first then turn half way.

I am using a non stick oven proof dish. I find it great to get that crispy skin.  Investing in the right cooking pot is essential.

Lets cook …


4 chicken tights (as desired or a whole chicken)

2 lemon

large pinch of rosemary

4 Garlic gloves


Rosemary and lemon roast chicken

rosemary and lemon roast chicken


Step 1- Get your whole or pieces of chicken into a roasting pan and with a sharp knife carefully make a few slips into the chicken.

Step 2- Mix in the rosemary, seasoning, garlic and lemon juice into the chicken. Rub well into the chicken. Marinade for an hour (the longer you leave it the better – you can live it over night in the refrigerator).

Step 3- Place chicken into preheated over 180C – 200C for 40 minute or until you see the chicken cooked and skin crispy. Midway through turn the chicken so all sides are cooked thoroughly.

Step 4- Once cooked place on a serving place and sprinkle some chopped parsley and enjoy eating with roast vegetables, salads or rice.

Bon Appétit

roast chickenlemon and rosemary roast chicken

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