Blushing Amsterdam – Café Review

Over the Easter weekend we headed to the city of Amsterdam and had a jam packed two days of adventure. Before heading there we bought ‘I amsterdam ‘ city cards, you can find more  be clicking , its a great way to visit Amsterdam, you get to see so many museums, use the tram and use canal boat trip and more during your short stay.

After arriving at Amsterdam Central Station, we collected our cards and headed straight to NEMO the science museum, which is my TOP location there fore families. Then we walked to the Martine museum and climbed into a pirate ship, later we went to the zoo and after all the fun we had where we exhausted ! The second day we did more museum and gallery hopping then headed to this beautiful healthy cafe I heard about; Blushing Amsterdam.


Blushing  was created by a well known Dutch entertainer named Gorden. He is a coffee enthusiast like many in the Netherlands “Coffee is like gasoline in a man’s engine, without coffee is not a good start to your day”. Being a diabetic Gorden noticed a gap in the mark for healthy, low sugar, low salt and organic restaurants and cafes in the Netherlands. With this and his enthusiasm Blushing was created.


“The basic principle of Blushing is to offer guests the best possible alternative. Blushing is a welcome newcomer to the coffee market and hopes to contribute to a healthier lifestyle.”

Blushing  looks so fresh, colourful and inviting. They are extremely friendly and speak English, they also are very child friendly. You can sit outside on their terrace or inside in their trendy decorated interior.

The cafe serves excellent coffee breakfast, brunch and lunch. They have a good vegetarian options. I had a vegetarian burger, the kids shared a pizza (a very healthy one with cauliflower on top !) and my husband had thick mozzarella.

I highly recommend this place. Go there and enjoy discovering this Dutch healthy chic cafe.


Address: Paulus Potterstraat 30A, 1071 DA Amsterdam, Netherlands

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