Breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? Right. Want to start it will lots of good stuff that will tickle your tongue taste buds as well as your belly and keep you going till lunch time? Why not an omelette ?  This is a very simple sausage, spinach and tomato omelette that I made for my kids the other weekend. They loved it and you should to.


Omelette is beaten eggs that are fried with a but of butter or cooking oil. Usually served hot, with bread over breakfast but you can have it at anytime of the day or night I say.

To the omelette you add seasoning but you can also spice it up with chilli flakes, paprika or cumin. In fact you can use any spices you like and add any ingredient you have, like diced mushrooms, shallots, green onions, olives, cheese, meat, a splash of milk or tomato paste.  You can add few combinations or more. I think the less ingredients the more tasty it is.

I  opened my fridge and saw some Turkish sliced sausages, frozen spinach and tomato.



4 medium size eggs

3 frozen cube sof spinach, or a handful of fresh spinach

few tomato diced

few diced sausages




Step 1- In a bowl crack the eggs and add seasoning. Whisk very well.

Step 2- Add the diced tomato, sausages and the well drained spinach if using frozen. If using fresh then just cut in half or throw the leaves in as whole. Mix all the ingredients well in the bowl.

Step 3- In a hot oiled pan pour the omelette mix in and leave to cook for few seconds. Then turn.  OR place the pan in a grill oven for few more seconds to cook the top.

Serve hot and enjoy






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