Me, myself and my blog

Bonjour, Hello and Salam to all of you beautiful people.

It has been a while ! But you are probably used to my unexpected long absences by now! I really do try to be consistant with blogging food recipes and Café / Restaurant reviews but I guess because I see Cups & Dishes as my hobby maybe I am not as committed as I should be? I apologies. I am more active on my Instagram account ! So check that out …

Belive me I have a lot to talk about and share with you all, and not all food related. Sometimes I have so much words ready to burst from my mouth that I push them in with the palm of my hand and swallow them and I keep silent. A contradiction, but I am sure some of you have done this before.  Maybe it’s the lack of confidence I have in myself or questioning the validity of my words, or maybe it’s simply that I am a lazy woman !



A number of times I wanted to leave Cups & Dishes and just let it lie dorment in the magical binary world of the internet. Other times I imagined publishing a book of Cups & Dishes ! This confused me and I thought the best thing is to have a break from it as I am not sure what my relationship with Cups & Dishes is anymore. I felt odd to call myself a blogger, as I don’t have strict regular posting schedules, I don’t get paid for it, I don’t get any free stuff  and I don’t even have 30 followers ! Which is an average classroom size in the UK!  For those who do follow me… I love you... your so kind and a BIG thank you.

Then I thought hold on Wafa … lets not punch ourselves with all kinds of negativity and tough criticism. So I asked Google what does a blogger mean ?

blogger – blɒɡə/ – noun
a person who regularly writes material for a blog.

 The term “blog” is short for “weblog,” which refers to an online journal. Blogs began as personal mini sites that people used to record their opinions, stories, and other writings as well as photos and videos. As the web has grown and changed, blogs have gained more recognition and merit.

-How many boxes do you tick Wafa ?

-I think all…  I mean it doesn’t say daily or weekly posts.

– So is it okay to call yourself a blogger ?

-mmmmmm Yes

That was the conversation I had with myself ! But you figured that out.


So once I gave myself entitlement of that word I felt confident in using it and the feeling of guilt for not having a weekly post disappeared. I reaffirmed that this is a hobby and maybe one day it will not be and I can dedicate everything to it and make it a huge success, and get those 1000 followers and a book deal and some freebies…lol But for now,  I am so happy that not only my family and friends are able to view Cups & Dishes but for others to cook my recipes, it is a beautiful feeling. I am so proud that I collaborated with KDP and did a coffee guide around Eiffel Tower (you can get the pdf if you sign up with KDP). I am over the moon that Boneshaker adopted my watermelon juice and have been serving it for three summers now and they even named it “Wafa’s Watermelon juice” ! Like wow … wow… how amazing is that ! As I type this I am struck that a simple ‘hobby’ a simple food blog has had such success. Sure Cups & Dish is not flashy and fancy, it’s not big and publicised, but it’s mine and I pour all my love into it.  I take the photos (hence the bad quality), I type the words (hence the many spelling mistakes), I upload (hence the bad editing) and I press on the publish button with a smile and I do not wait for feedback. Because my purpose is to selflessly do something nice with lots of Wafa love and send it out to everyone without expecting something in return.  I think I have achieved that, and I am satisfied.

Cups & Dishes will resume soon with recipes and more. With the same love and dedication but this time I will have a much peaceful relationship with it. I am not going to put a standard and rules on something I love doing because like all relationships, once you try to regulate it, confine it into what you believe it should be then you have killed it. Cups & Dishes and I will flourish together AND separately like all healthy relashionships.

It’s good to be back posting …


**these photos are taken by the very talented KDP

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