Garlic Butter Fish

White fish is a great choice for family meals. It contains high levels of protein and is low in fat not to mention the nutritional oils that have essential vitamins and lots of omega 3 fatty acids. There are two categories of white fish round and flat. Round fish include Haddock, Mullet, Cod etc and flat fish include Sole and Turbot.

There are many methods to cooking fish such as steaming, poaching and grilling. The less healthier is to fry (shallow or deep).  You have many options of flavours and textures to combine with your fish.

My easiest method is to grill and for this recipe I will be using Bream fish (Daurade in French). Honestly is the easiest ever ever recipe you will find.



This is an incredibly simple recipe that you can do with blindfold on; but I heavily advice against it ! With little simple ingredients it really brings out the natural full flavour of the fish and you will have a lovely meal in no time.


White fish

garlic butter  – if you do not have it then mix the two ingredients together.

Slices of lemon

Parsly to garnish.

Tin foil.


Step1- Place butter nobs or cubes on a tin foiled oven tray.

Step 2- Place the white fish fillet / piece on the tray and add more butter garlic on top with seasoning and slices of lemon.

Step 3- Cook in the oven for 20 min on medium heat.

Step 4- Garnish with partly and serve hot with salad or rice or baked vegetables.




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