Shortbread Biscuite


Continuing with the love theme this month. I thought of another way to show your appreciation and love, baking ! Making something with your loving hands to feed your love ones is a wonderful act of love. I decided to do shortbread biscuits in shapes of heart with my son. This is so he can learn some skills in the kitchen and keep him away from the iPad, also we can have some bonding time.  The biscuits we will gift to his baba (dad, my husband) and to his Bibi and Jido (grandmother and grandfather- my in-laws).



I love shortbread biscuits I grew up wit them, they originate from Scotland and usually they are in a circular form that have been cut into tringles or thick rectangle ‘finger’ that have been pierced with fork. So when I moved to Paris I would buy (expensively) them on those days when I feel home sick and want to dunk a buttery crumbly biscuit in my black tea.


This recipe requires just THREE ingredients.  Lots of butter, sugar and flour. I added cardamom because I want extra flavour and I happen to add cardamom to everything ! You can add vanilla or almond flavour. I was thinking maybe even granted pistachios or coconuts. Have a try and see what works best for you.  Making this is super easy and fast and FUUUUNNNN so kids friendly , just watch out when putting in the oven … adult supervision is needed.





125g butter

55 g caster sugar (and a handful for finishing)

180g Flour

pinch of cardamom (optional – you can add Vanilla essences)





Step 1- Heat oven 180C

Step 2- In a blow place the butter and sugar and beat till they are smooth.

Step 3- Add the flour and cardamom and mix till you have a paste.

Step 4- Place the dough mixture on a clean surface and roll out , around 1 cm thick, I did it less and my biscuits crumbled! Cut into desired shapes or use a biscuit cutter. I am using heart shape biscuit cutter.

Step 5- Place biscuits on a baking try and sprinkle some sugar on top and place in the fridge for 20minutes.

Step 6- Take biscuits out of fridge and into the oven for 10-15 min or as as soon as they become PALE golden brown. Set aside to cool.

You may decorate the biscuit as you wish with chocolate or icing.

Enjoy with your cup of chai or coffee.




Love from me to you all




  1. Miam!! Merci beaucoup for this mouthwatering recipe. I love shortbread and this is up to my cooking level (I hope)!


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