Café Kitsuné

On a sunny Tuesday I found spring has bloomed in Paris.. Yeahh … exciting … Paris is best in spring time, suddenly colour are bursting from every angle, the rive Seine twinkles in the sun, chairs are filled outside bistros and cafés with chatter and clinks of glasses, bright green tree leafs flutter, sunglasses on and winter coats out. Bliss, we all have been waiting for this day, sunshine warming our faces and giving us lots of vitamin D and a happy feeling.


With this happy feeling I decided not to waste anytime and head out to enjoy the sun after dropping my boys to school and doing some essential house/mummy errands. Once  done I took my amazing friend’s tip Katie after she posted on her Instagram account how well her photo shoots went at Palais Royal and advices us all to benefit from the blooming magnolias and head there . So I did.


She was not wrong. It was stunningly beautiful and very much in bloom. How can this not making you happy ? Moments likes this I pinch myself and thank the Almighty for these blessings.  After a lovely walk around this historic palace (home of King Louis XIII) I decide it was time to grab a coffee and I knew exactly where to go.


You will find a buzz and long queue at a particular spot at Palais Royal’s corridor. And that is where you will find the infamous Café Kitume.


Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki created  Maison Kitsuné in 2002 , a Tokyo-Paris brand of  ‘Art de Vivre’  where you will find fashion, music and coffee is infused together. This brand has been steadily growing world wide along with its fox logo. Why a fox – Kitsuné? The fox is a symbol of veracity in Japanese culture, which mirrors Maison Kitsuné (House of Fox) ethos of adaptability of appearance.  Their ready to wear clothing collection is very much Tokyo-Paris influenced and has a bold comfort and simplistic tone, you could say a very classic and timeless everyday wardrobe for men and women.

In 2014 Café Kitsuné opened in Paris (previously Tokyo and Seoul) just behind the Louvre, in the stunning Palais Royal gardens. Their cafés emphasise the pleasure of drinking coffee, good quality ground flavoursome coffee. Their coffee beans are from Guatemala and Africa. Specifically roasted with hints of chocolate and grilled hazelnuts, this gives their coffee its signature smooth syrupy taste. The café also serves delicious French – Japanese cakes and cookies some are gluten free, along with juices and chilled coffee drinks and ice-cream in the summer. You can now buy their collection of table wear and coffee beans online!


They have a seating area /bar inside or you can sit outside in the Palais Royal garden and of course takeaway is a third option. The café has a very minimalistic boutique hip vibe. A very large colourful painting draws you in along with the recognisable wafting smell of fresh grounded coffee beans. The staff are super friendly and the atmosphere is great.

I opted out for a latte and their buttery biscuit in the shape of their logo.. cute ! It was just lovely sitting outside in the sun and sipping this beautiful smooth coffee and truly having time out for myself. This is true self care. I am no longer running around looking after everyone else needs and thinking of others. This was my time and I took advantage of slowly drinking and people watching. I let many thoughts drift in and out of my mind. I tried to step outside of my usual thinking and really contemplate on certain things and to just let go of things. We often don’t allow ourselves to just let go of a thought or issue and I think by holding on tightly to them we are not allowing them to naturally develop and drift off. With deep breaths and much gratitude I finished my coffee and walked once more around the gardens before heading back mum / life duties with a bigger smile and ‘I can’ attitude.  Thank you Café Kitsuné for giving me this essential self naturing time.


Address: 51 Galerie de Montpensier, 75001 Paris, France

Opening Hours: 11:00 – 20:00

Metro:  Palais Royal / Musee du Louvre , Pyramides, Bourse and Instagram



Read Sprudge lovley blog post on Café Kitsuné.



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