Cook n Saj

Guys I finally decided to reveal my little secret to you all….  A dear place I have been going to for months now… my little gourmet hideaway ! I discovered this place one day as I was walking down Rue de Rennes in 6th arrondissement of Paris few years ago.  I notice a pretty cool sign sticking out of corner street and what looked like an eatery /café in the making. I saw some workmen inside and noticed bare stone walls and the coolest sofa with bright coloured cushions. I thought wow must be like the Central Perk café in  the TV show “Friends”.  Few months later I pass it again and I discover a menu has been placed on the outside, upon reading it I find out its yet another hip burger restaurant.   At first I dismissed it,  then read closely and peeks inside the window (the place was closed). The word Saj  caught my eye, this means it can’t be like any other normal burger joint… You know what else caught my eye? 100% Halal , bio (organic) French meat  written on the menu !!!  Whhhaaaattttt Finally a halal chic burger place in central Paris ? This I got to try ….



And so I did. It was the best thing I have done. Cook n Saj become ‘my’ little secret indulgence place as well as my happy place too. This is because the extremely passionate love you feel as you walk into the place. You can tell the the decor, the seat planning and attention to details served a well thought ambience, but there is something else, something the Cook n Saj boys bring, and that happiness !

Happiness is found at Cook n Saj because a big smile and a loud welcome hits you as you enter. The boys Ahmed and Souffian who run the place are there to welcome you and guide you to a happy experience. They not only come to each customer and talk they also cook the food along withe the big chef… that being their MUM ! Yes she works the magic in the kitchen and hence why you get such delicious food.



Their menu is really great, they researched it deeply they tell me, trying out different produce and recipes with thier mother to come up with their tastey dishes and signature burgers.  They bring a middle eastern flavour to the place, the Saj is a big feature. It’s a a middle eastern grill which bread is cooked on.  So your bread is cooked in front of you ! You have falafel and shush tawok Saj sandwiches along with other lebanese dish. Their desserts are yummy from fresh bakawa to home made kenafa.

I can’t emphasise how delicious and fresh their food is. But along with that you have the atmosphere , people of all ages and walk of life come in and are embraced and sat down. If they find out its your birthday they dance for you and make the restaurant sing happy birthday. Once Ahmed found out I was on a lunch date with my husband so he sprinkled some rose petals on us ! lol how cute.  On halloween I took my boys trick or treating there, the restaurant was decorated for halloween and they gave the boys a lot of sweets ! they also do themed nights and special nights for Valentines days, Christmas and even Game of Throne nights! IMG_8191.jpeg



If you are in Paris and need a slice of happy and a good place to eat then I recommend you head to Cook n Saj. You will not be disappointed with their fusion burger restaurant.


Closed Monday.  

Hours: 12:00 till 16:00 / 19:00 – 22:30

Address: 5 Rue Bernard Palissy, 75006 Paris

Tel: 01 45 49 01 56

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