Tea Biscuit layered cake

I can’t believe how simple this delicious Tiramisu like dessert is. You have got to try it. So I was looking for a non bake cake idea and I remembered that you can use a rich tea biscuits. I asked my friends on my ‘Foodlovers group’ and few pointed me in the right direction and then I found this Food Blog Little Sunny Kitchen and voila I recreated it here for you all.

Unlike Tiramisu the famous Italian desert that uses ladyfingers biscuits and mascarpone, eggs and more this recipe only has 4 daily ingredients , tea biscuits, espresso, double cream and concentrated milk (My fourth optional ingredient is Speculoos) and its less complicated with simpler steps.




This desert need to be refrigerated for at least 4 hours or overnight is best.  I sprinkled some broken Speculoos onto , you could do the dust with chocolate or nuts.


Packet of Rich Tea biscuits

packet of Speculoos

Double cream

1 Spoon of Concentrated milk

Cup of coffee; instant grounded or brewed or even from a capsule!



Step 1. Whip the whipping cream and condensed milk together.

Step 2. Line your dish with rich tea biscuits.

Step 3. Start to add enough coffee to the biscuits but don’t let them go soggy! You don’t want to break the biscuits.

Step 4. Add an even layer of whipped cream on top of the biscuit.

Step 5. Add crumbs of Speculoos on top of the layered cream.

Step 6. Add a layer of biscuits and coffee, then cream and crumbs of Speculoos till your dish is complete.

Step 7 Last layer is of the cream that you dust with caco / chocholate or more Speculoos.

Step 8. Place in fridge for few hours or best over night.


Serve cold and enjoy .




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