Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

This is a great refreshing summer cocktail without any alcohol. Enjoyed by all ages at all times, sweet and fresh for you to refresh! 

Although this recipe is super simple there are two stages for this, making the strawberry syrup and then assembling the drink. 

Strawberry syrup

Easy to make and you can use your bruised strawberry instead of throwing them away. It keeps well in the fridge and use can use it in all kinds of desserts and other drinks. You will need

– 1Cup of white sugar

– 1Cup of water

– 2 handful of strawberries or as much as you desire

The great thing about making a syrup is that you control how much sugar or fruit you want. 


Step 1- In a pan mix all the ingredients on a medium heat.

Step 2- Mix well until the mixture bubbles

Step 3- Take off heat once the strawberries are integrated into the syrup.

Step 4- Sieve the ingredients and let the syrup cool. Then it’s ready to use.


Strawberry syrup

Juice of 1 lime

Lots of ice

Few leaves of basil, you can use mint.

Soda water or 7Up or fizzy lemonade

Mix all ingredients together, and enjoy

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