About Me

Hello, Bonjour and Salam

My name is Wafa. I am a Baghdadi born Londoner living in Paris! How did that happen!?

Here I share my simple and easy-to-cook recipes. I’m not a nutritionist, a certified chef, a gastronomist, nor do I have expert knowledge in food. I just like to cook and feed people delicious meals made with love and quality ingredients.

Nothing makes may heart sing more than that pause before hearing a mid-mouthful “mmmmm”. Good meals make us happy. FACT.

The whole process of brainstorming recipes, buying ingredients, preparing and cooking is all done with one intention, LOVE. Each step is dedicated to those whom you are feeding. That intention transmits into your cooking and flavours your dish. To me, this is what makes my dishes successful, leaving satisfied, happy bellies.

I am a mother of two energetic boys who keep me on my feet and thus I find I have a shortage of time. Hence I try to cook nutritionally delicious meals in an efficient fuss free ways. I use every means I can to cut down time but not quality and taste. I use a rice cooker, pressure cooker and I use frozen vegetables If I am not able to buy fresh. If there are any left over food I think of way to recook or use them in the next meal. I think life is too short to be in the kitchen, I’d rather spend it at the dinner table .. or running down the park to the slides with my boys !


From a small age I always felt the need to help others and make our world a better one. Leaving SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies) University in London I was determined to change the world with my humanitarian geopolitical geography and development degree …. I tried by working in nonprofit organisations and in international media. But I found cooking and sharing delicious recipes was also ANOTHER way of positive change. Celebrating who we are and sharing our heritage on a plate with others as a way to connect and love.

You will also find that I will blog my thoughts, cafés and restaurants that I find too good not to miss out when you are in Paris.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy trying my easy recipes.

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All food photographs are taken by me using my iPhone.





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Photographs of myself are taken by Katie Donnelly Photography  and Zainab Photo Video