Cups in Paris

Lets talk coffee…

my journey of coffee addiction began in my final years at university. I found myself attracted to a nice warm milky coffee after a heavy study session. It then started to become a social habit; which lead me in search of local and unique cafés around London.

Jump a few years and I find myself living in Paris, the city of cafés and the land where coffee is not seen merely as a hot beverage you start the day with; it is a serious daily ritual almost spiritual. Paris is most definitively proud of its obsessive consumption of the ‘perfect’ roasted grounded coffee bean drink.


Recently there has been an explosion of specialty and new concept cafés in Paris. Hipster, trendy, young and unique is what defines them from the rest of your well known ‘normal typical’ Parisian cafés. They are all intentional most if not all speak English, they are all passionate about their coffee and tea that they serve (with a big smile) and they are all social media savvy. They welcome a ‘selfie’ and hashtag with their brew.

Naturally, I found if you want to feel like a local Parisian you must know your local café ! So I am working on doing a list of my favourite cafés by arrondissement.  Coming soon.