Dishes in Paris

We all have our particular favourite restaurant right ? Your ‘local’ eatery where you are so familiar with the menu that as soon as you enter, the staff greet you knowing what you will order! I had two in London. And guess what ? I actually make an order when I return on the Eurostar ( I am serious).

Now I know am settling well in Paris when I realise with delight that I have found TWO of those restaurants, and they are Halal too ! A small Lebanese restaurant (Rayan) that makes such delicious filling plates you leave with a smile and a full belly … I usually leave with a heavy garlic breath too, as their garlic side sauce (thoom) is incredibly intense in flavour. The second is an Iranian restaurant (Tehran) that serves the most tender lamb I have EVER taste in paris. My husband discovered this place by chance and I am forever grateful for it ! My husband and I are such foodies … I would say it is the core of our material relation.

This got me thinking , instead of scribbling on my note book (yes I still use pen and paper!) and staring locations on my google map (so useful) why not list my favourite eating places just like I did with my cafés? Plus it makes ‘lets go out for lunch’ dates so much easier  especially with friends who leave all the decision making for you … you know who you are. I am now a level 6 Google Local Guide, whoohooo !

When I eat out, I only chose vegetarian and seafood (only fish and prawns) option if no Halal is found.  Two websites I regularly use for finding Halal restaurants in Paris are;