Tomato Soup

Winter is still here and soup seasoning continues.


I have the easiest simplest and most delicious tomato soup recipe for you all to cook. The flavour is simply divine because I am using good quality vine tomatoes that I roast with the vine !

Vine tomatos have an extra edge when it comes to flavour and when roasting they become simply delicious. All the natural sweetness is caramelised giving it a beautiful taste. You MUST add the vine when roasting along with the garlic, because the vine has that special smell that can be transformed into your soup, that distinct tomato smell, this is the magic, along with roasted garlic!

Now if you do not have vine tomatoes you can use or mix a variety of tomatoes, it will not have the rich intense flavour but it will work well.




Vine tomatos (15/20 tomatos depending on size)


1 vegetable stock cube

few basil leaves

4 garlic cloves (more depends on taste)

olive oil



Step 1-Cut the tomatoes in half facing up in an oven proof dish. Place the tomato vine with the seasoning garlic (with skin) and olive oil. Bake on 180C for 25 min Or till roasted.

Step 2- remove the stalk and garlic skin. Place all ingredients in a pan

Step 3-Add vegetable stock cube, water and seasoning. Boil on low to medium heat for 30min.

Step 4- Add few basil leaves and cook for 5 min

Step 5-Using soup blender, blend till smooth consistency. Leave to simmer for 10 min. then serve .



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