O Coffeeshop

What used to be a two man team on a small wooden table with wheels serving excellent coffee and pastry as a POP-up coffee shop across paris, has now established itself firmly in the 15th arrondissement.


A beautiful inviting warm café that opened earlier this year (2017) is bringing hot tasty coffee and delicious home made food to a neighbourhood that is lacking in trendy new cafés.


Enter O Coffeeshop on 23 Rue de Laurel and you will instantly feel at home. Bright sunlight entering the two large windows that have comfortable cushioned seating, with marble little tables, geometric tiles and wall paper is a good sign of a good café.


 The simple clean and modern feel of this café has a little twist. If you have a sharp eye you will notice a surfing theme, two custom-made surf boards (the owner’s) and great surfing photographs on the far wall with a few surfing magazine scattered on the bar table.  This is because the two owner Timothée and  Mathew are surf and coffee buddies.
This is Timothée, French surfer dude with an attitude….. a coffee love attitude ! Very welcoming and passionate about serving you the good stuff (drinks, food and atmosphere).
Their coffee is Bellville smooth and strong, they serve delicious variety of homemade cakes, cookies and baked goodies.  They also serve delicious breakfast and lunch, so pop in and check out their rotating menu.
I think this is going to be my regular coffee place, not only becasue of their delicious coffee but I feel there is a relaxed warm atmosphere that welcomes you throughout the day. Pus their cinnamon roll are out of this world !

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