Butter Garlic Fish

You guys know how much I love fish. It is incredibly healthy filled with essential oils and fats. You must include it in your diet if you can. So I try to be creative or classic in my fish cooking. If you follow me on Instagram @cups_and_dishes you will know I have put up few fish dish recipes… apologies here is another….

This is so so simple and relatively fast it only took me 25 min.

Lets stop reading and get cooking !!



Red fish like Salmon or Trout

1 Lemon

6 cloves of garlic (adjust to taste)

150g Butter

Handful of parsley


Olive oil



1-Season the fish for few minutes.

2- On a hot pan add a nob of butter.

3-Place the fish flesh side down and fry till golden brown.

4-Turn the fish skin side down and fry for few minutes. Then take fish out and place aside.

5-Using the same plan, add more butter, garlic and parsley and fry for 2 minutes.

6-Add the fish back into the pan and squeeze lemon on top, make sure the butter sauce coves all the fish. Don’t overcook, just let the fish soak some of the sauce. You can get a spoon and carefully spoon the sauce on top of the fish.

7-Serve hot



How easy was that ?

You can serve with boiled potato, vegetables, salad, rice or on its own.

I think am going to cook this tomorrow! I am so hungry thinking about it.


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