Easy Onion Bhaji

Onion Bhajis are delicious vegan side dishes or snacks from the Indian subcontinent. They are crispy fritters full of flavour and you can make them as spicy as you like. They are best served warm with dips like yogurt to counter its hotness/spice; or you can serve them cold for picnics or finger food at a party.


Onion bhaji are so simple to make, gram flour being its key primary ingredient. What is gram flour? It is flour made from chickpeas.

so lets get started



125 g Gram flour

1 table spoon flour (plain)

2 large Onions

Bunch coriander

2 chillies if you want it hot (I opted out!)

Optional Green steams of green onion (I added this because I didn’t have enough parsley !)

spices : garlic powder, ginger powder, curry powder, cayenne pepper (you can use chilly powder)

Large pinch of salt

1 egg (can use warm water if Vegan)

Vegetable oil for frying



1- Chop the onions in large to medium chunks and mix with chopped coriander and green stems of green onions.

2- Add all the ingredients together (salt, spices, egg, both flours, chilly) mix well, spoon or hand!

3- Keep mixing until combined. Add 1 teaspoon of warm water if you find the mix too dry. Mix by hand and squeeze the ingredients all together.

3-In a hot pan, add your vegetable oil ready for frying. The oil must not be too hot, otherwise it will burn and not cook the hadji.

4-Get the mixture ready and take a spoonful of the mixture and fry in the pot. You can turn the heat low as you cook. Make sure you turn them over so all sides are cooked.

5-Once the onion bhadji are golden brown they are cooked. Take them out and place on kitchen paper so all excess oil is absorbed.

Serve hot .




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