Spinach Mushroom Egg Breakfast

This is a good hearty delicious breakfast to get you going for a busy day.

It’s super easy, because I combine everything into a frying pan. Who has time to separately fry and use lots of pots and pans whilst your little monkeys are whining to be fed and your husband is screaming for a clean towel from the shower and you stand there wishing to be someplace else.

This breakfast feeds 4 people and it’s ready within 12 minutes or so.


1 Small white onion ( you can use half an onion if you wish)

8 Medium sized fresh mushrooms ( you can use any type of mushroom even canned)

3 Cubes of frozen spinach (you can use fresh if you wish)

4 Eggs

3 Pinches of cumin

Salt and papper to season

2 Tablespoons of sunflower oil



Step1. Chop the onion and mushrooms into cubes or slices then add to hot oiled frying pan with the frozen spinach. Cook until spinach is well integrated.

Step2. Add cumin and seasoning and mix well for 5 min.

Step3. Make a space in the middle of the pan and crack open the eggs. Let them cook for few minutes then transfer the pan under a grill. Making sure the egg white are cooked. Careful you don’t burn the handel of the frying pan!

Serve hot and enjoy with warm bread and a lovely cup of tea !

Bonne appétit



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