Mocha Coffee avec Cardamon

Hello coffee lovers. How you doing?  Do you need that daily caffeine fix like me ? Do you need that 10 minutes of ‘me time’ with your hot cuppa ? I do. I make sure it’s one of my ‘self-care routine’ (see previous blog on self care) where I indulge in pure caffeine pleasure by myself or with a friend. It must happen at least twice a week !



This recipe came to me on a rainy Tuesday after I finished the school run and was too tired to go to a café or Starbucks for a flavoured coffee.  I thought I can do this at home and for free! So lets save that 4 euros for something else…. like a bar of expensive Lindt chocolate  LOL

This recipe is not only for coffee lovers, but for all. It has an intense coffee chocolate flavour with a hint of vanilla. I personally love cardamon so I had to add that in to give it that Middle Eastern twist !


You can use instant coffee for this. I have used Nespresso capsule espresso only because I have the coffee machine. Adding espresso is best for flavour but you can use any type of coffee that you enjoy.

NOTE: This recipe is for one. Double the amount for two.



1 cup of milk

1 teaspoon of coco powder

1 teaspoon vanilla flavour

1 cardamon pod

Add Sugar if desired.


Step 1- In a pan heat the milk. Add the coco and wish well.

Step 2- Once the milk is heated add the rest of the ingredients and mix well till milk is simmering.

Step 3- Serve hot and enjoy.



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