Super Quick & Easy Carrot Soup

Spring is officially cancelled in Paris ! As I sit and type this blog it is -1C at 10 am in the morning and its midd March 2018 !  What is going on ?


After my previous blog of happy sunshine and summer fruits being spotted in the market I feel I have been cheated slightly.  I don’t like this at all.  On top I am suffering from a very bad sore throat and fever, mainly my fault as I think I was so eager to get ready for spring that I didn’t take percussion from the cold weather, plus motherhood is a very tiering job (if you didn’t know) so you must keep your energy and spirits up, also be positive and give yourself lots of much deserved healthy breaks, which includes mental, physical and spiritual. Often I forget to do this and spread myself too thin, this definitively I believe causes my immune system to weaken.


Soup is back on the menu and I didn’t think it wold be, but Ilan wa sahlan (Arabic for welcome!) I opened my fridge and saw these ingredients and I thought it would be perfect for a sweet tasting quick soup. Red bell pepper are not only sweet but their red colour added a bit of cheer to the soup. Simple ingredients with a très simple cooking method. Chop, fry, boil and whizz. Soup done.


The carrot and bell pepper will add sweetness to the soup and make it thick. Adjust the thickness of the soup by reducing or increasing water and reducing amount of carrot.  You can add one stock cube if you wish.


nob of butter

1 chopped leek

half chopped red bell pepper

2 large chopped carrots


1 teaspoon of ground cumin





Step 1- In a pan, mix the vegetables with butter and fry for few minutes.

Step 2- Add hot water (enough to cover pot), cumin and seasoning.

Step 3-Boil until carrots are tender then whizz in a soup blender.

Step 4- Serve hot .




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