Kozy Café

With three branches across Paris it will be hard to miss Kozy. I didn’t visit Kozy Lafayette nor the one in Ponthieu but the one in Bosquet.  I was so happy to find out that it is close to my neighbourhood and serves a great breakfast, plus it has a cool chilled vibe.


Kozy is a 100% Parisian founded in 2013 by Antoine Le Vu and Romain Le Pape. Their philosophy is “reconnecting city dwellers with each other by giving them a place and an atmosphere in their image conducive to a moment of sharing”.

To me that says a well thought out, good space to work and socialise in that serves good coffee .  It didn’t disappoint as I sat one cold morning with my coffee in a comfortable cushioned chair and listen to the chatter of locals and tourist ordering in English and French. Some snapping their well presented plates and cups and others tapping on their laptop. A mum sat on my left having a rare quiet moment I would imagine, as her curly head boy played with his soft tissue book.


Kozy serve fresh homemade patisseries, cakes and delicious pancakes with their hot drinks and fresh made in house juices. They have their own kitchen ‘workshop’ where their chefs bake and prepare their food ready to deliver to their branches across Paris. I must admit my croissant was delicious. I kept looking at other tables and seeing their colourful plates of yumminess.



At the weekend, the Avenue Bosquet branch offers generous brunch formulas, I am yet to discover them.  Click HERE to read their menue.

So if you are close to the Iron Lady herself (the Eiffel Tower) walk a few steps heading to École Militaire and you will spot Kosy Urban Salon.


Address: 79 AVENUE BOSQUET, 75007 Paris

opening Hours: Weekdays 08:00 – 19:30 and weekends 09:00 – 18:00

Metro:École Militar

www.kozy.fr  Facebook  and Instagram






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